The Grey Band : High Protectors of Fallcrest

Pyramid of Shadows (Session 1)
September 4, 2011

The party found themselves back in Fallcrest after traveling through the portal from Michael’s session. Upon returning the group immediately discovered the following:

  • Sindrom recovered from his black-skinned disease
  • Balasar started experiencing visions and periods of unconsciousness. The visions were of a Tiefling named Karavokos who promised unlimited power and magic if he sought him out.*

Over the next month in Fallcrest:

  • Balasar’s visions grew worse and more frequent. The party discovered that other arcane folks in the area were starting to experience the same symptoms.
  • Baelric departed the group to venture on a divine “calling” to the West. He wished the party well and rode off on the grandest white stallion in all the land.
  • The group recognized that Lord Markelhay was having the Tower of Waiting repaired in hopes of providing a defensive post for maritime trade and waterborne attracks. The group also learned of the rumors abot the tower…apparently it was haunted, giving good reason as to why no one had entered the tower in well over a century.
  • Dwarven contractors from Hammerfest begin to arrive with stone from the Dawnforge Mountains in the East. Initial foundation inspections began by the dwarves.
  • The party was acquainted (and re-acquainted) with McManus, Capt Izor and LT Lam of Fallcrest’s Militia. Claw and Braxis were introduce to the group by Capt Izor.

Play Began:

  • Sindrom, Braxis, Disciple Crosis and Claw decided to make their way to the tower of waiting during during the blackest of night finally making their way to the island around 2am. The searched the Tower and discovered some gold, and daggers from the Nerathi empire. As well as some hidden secrets of the tower, namely an entire library on Fallcrest history apparently lost forever, and Aranda Markelhay’s tomb…not to mention Jaelic…The ghost who haunts the tower…and some of her history with the Markelhay’s and the tower.
  • After returning the news to the town they were very pleased to get the books to study…
  • Sindrom had some discussions with the local wizards and Blasar about locating Karavakos….In hopes of ending the visions and potentially finding the power and magic promised…Sindrom and Disciple took off that day in search of the Tiefling Karavakos….the remaining
  • Meanwhile the dwarven contractors and 12 town guards were killed while in the tower….some was a miss…Lord Markelhay asked the remaining heroes to go investigate
  • There is where we left off the party split: 2 heading North, 5 entering the Tower of Waiting to discover the evil that awaited them.

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